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Media Coverage

NUCRYST Pharmaceuticals has been covered in a number of recent news stories listed below:

NUCRYST files IPO to raise $45M, tests powdered nanocrystalline silver from January 4, 2006 issue of NanoBiotech News. More...>

Worth more than it's weight in silver for burns from May 10, 2005 Boston Globe Business section. More...>

Medical Dressings are Silver Lining for NUCRYST Pharmaceuticals from June 7, 2004 issue of Small Times online newsletter. More…>

It's a Small World from February, 2004 issue of PharmaVoice. More…>

Nanocrystalline drug moves into phase II trials for dermatitis indication from December 10, 2003 issue of NanoBiotech News. More...>

Nanotech researcher Robert Burrell: His pioneering work could one day rid the world of aching joints from 2002 issue of National Post. More...>