Career Opportunities
Fort Saskatchewan
Wakefield, MA
Why Choose NUCRYST? 

NUCRYST Pharmaceuticals Corp. began with a vision and passion to improve silver's therapeutic properties. Today NUCRYST has built an organization around its platform nanocrystalline technology. NUCRYST has a SILCRYST medical coatings business and an active pharmaceutical research and development effort focused on its silver Rx nanocrystals. Manufacturing and nanocrystalline technology is located in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada. Corporate headquarters and pharmaceutical R&D is located in Wakefield, MA.

NUCRYST Pharmaceuticals develops, manufactures and commercializes medical products that fight infection and inflammation based on its nanocrystalline silver technology. Our nanocrystalline science is cutting edge -- encompassing everything from physics to chemistry to microbiology and immunology. At NUCRYST, you can make a difference by developing products to improve peoples' health and well-being. At the same time, you can advance your career in a stimulating environment that values collaboration, respect, dedication and hard work.